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You're doing a great job, and I appreciate it.
Nicholas Sparks

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of True Believer and The Notebook

"I am absolutely astoundingly happy... I appreciate all of your talents, and thank you for sharing them with me.... you have been a GODSEND to me."
—Evie Rhodes, Expired-The-Movie.com

"Jack Passarella is a dream come true for an author who has no idea how to reach their audience on the internet: Jack took me as a first-time website owner with THE DOG BIBLE and has now worked for me on a daily basis through designing and maintaining numerous websites for my other books and my radio shows. We have been together 8 years and it’s become a partnership with so many moving parts that jack has even taken the place of the “virtual assistant” everyone dreams of but I could never have found (and could never have afforded, either, since Jack’s honor system of charging by the minute means you get maximum bang for your buck).

"With Jack’s around-the-clock work ethic, attention to detail and cutting-edge knowledge of how all the magic works behind websites and social media, he has taken me from a neophyte to someone who has bombshell website traffic and a serious presence on the Web. Nonetheless, I remain completely dependent on him to manage it all on a constant basis or I would not have a minute to build on my success.

"My business as a pet expert could never have reached the point it has without Jack’s wise support and advice every single day. I now realize that it takes nothing less than that level of dedication and knowledge to reach an audience and continue to interact with them. Jack has designed and in some cases completely overhauled websites he has created and maintained for me and I honestly would not have the following I have today if it were not for his reliable, honest and creative support."
Tracie Hotchner, Author of The Dog Bible & The Cat Bible, Radio host of Dog Talk® (and Kitties too!) & Cat Chat®

"Jack Passarella is a website wizard, and I give him a 5 Star recommendation.  He was an absolute professional, taking my concept from color scheme to content and bringing it to life with an amazingly, vibrant website.  His price was reasonable; his patience was unending, and his product was perfect. He was a pleasure to work with, and although I think he may exist only in the internet otherworld, I would love to shake his hand."
—Deby Eisenberg, Author of Pictures of the Past DebyEisenberg.com

"As an author of a forthcoming book, I searched the internet for a web designer to build my website for book promotion.  Author Promo stood out from the crowd because as soon as you click on a link for a website designed by Jack Passarella, you see the book being promoted. You do not have to wade through the website to find the product. And websites designed by Jack are dynamic and very attractive. They pull you in and focus your attention which is what you want to happen for those visiting your website. Then there is the price.  Because Author Promo charges by time rather than the job, that is the number of  hours and minutes it takes to design the website, the prices are significantly less than the cost of other website designs for book promotion. But that is only the beginning of the advantages I found in going with Author Promo.

"After I signed up with Author Promo, Jack sent me a list of questions about what I wanted in a website design. I pondered those questions for a few days and checked out other authors' websites.  Shortly after I sent my answers back to him, he sent me the basic design for my website. I clicked and it took my breath away. All I could say was "Wow," which is what most people who write to me about my website say about it.Check it out: KathleenBarry.net.  On top of all of that, Jack Passarella is so easy to work with. I not only highly recommend Author Promo, I would go nowhere else for website design."
—Kathleen Barry

"THANK YOU so much. The sites looks really terrific. I am very happy with it!"
—Donna Spector, DVM

"Jack, you have been a super webmaster and I appreciate all the hard work you put into the website. I know your service is an incredible value and your expertise is invaluable to a first-time author and publisher using a website to launch a book. Thanks!"
—Joseph Scott McCarthy

"The site looks great. You nailed it the first time."
—Bonnie Keyser,
Knolls of Birmingham

"Love your services!"
—Kate Low, Author & Librarian

"John "Jack" Passarella of AuthorPromo.com is incredibly fast! I kept repeating to myself how lucky I was that my Website was in his hands. He is more patient than Mohatma Gandhi. He did a great job with the design. He perfectly caught what I had in mind."
Jacinto Rey, Author

"AuthorPromo.com gets my highest endorsement. Jack is a pleasure to work with. He's innovative, talented, fast, and affordable. I'm thrilled with my new website."
JA Konrath, author of Fuzzy Navel

Thank you very much for all the great work you’ve done in getting my Website up and for all the valuable resources you’ve so kindly provided! I just told my wife that the smartest move I've made thus far with regard to publishing my book was hooking up with you. I look forward to a lengthy association!
Dean Whitney, Author of Pinch Hitter

Thank you so much for facilitating the launch of my first website. Admittedly, I was slightly apprehensive to conduct business via e-mail, but your professionalism calmed my fears. You were at once patient, educating (sorry I was so unfamiliar with all the terms!), forthright and always professional. I really appreciate your professional insight even when I thought I knew best. :-)

I shared the [design image] with many of my friends and colleagues and they were equally impressed with the quality of your work. Thanks for making this a most pleasant experience!

Kind regards,
J'son M. Lee, Author of Just Tryin' To Be Loved

Beautiful job! Very, very nice!
—Fern Conte Miele, Director of External Affairs
Special Olympics Pennsylvania On Approving SpecialOlympicsYorkCounty.org

Jack Passarella of AuthorPromo did an excellent job! My site is beautiful, professional, and was ready to launch in a short period of time. I was looking for someone who specialized in Web sites for writers with the skills and expertise to create a site which would project my unique vision. Jack Pasarella of AuthorPromo designed a fantastic site to highlight my books!
Madge D. Owens, Author The Final Curve and To Silence Her Memory

I know nothing about websites and this has cost me time and money in the past. Having Jack create and maintain my website is a blessing. His patience with me is appreciated, and his turn around time to complete updates and changes is phenomenal. The man does what he says he will do and then some. I highly recommend Jack and his services. You will be more then satisfied
—Ann Marie Sawicki

John was invaluable to us during the early days of Find it in Film, mentoring us on issues far beyond the Web design questions that we originally wanted him to consult on. His creativity is apparently effortless and surfaces in unexpected ways. For example, we already had a corporate logo, but he improved it when he noticed that he could create film strips on the letters. He's constantly adding value like that, and the amazing thing is that he works more efficiently than I can recall anyone in any field working. John will produce remarkable results and then you'll discover that he took only an hour or two to do so.
—Peter Gutierrez, FindItInFilm

Someone recently asked me if I had a website. (I didn't.) They asked if I knew anyone who could do one? (I didn't.) And then, they asked how I would go about "finding someone" who was professional and knowledgeable, and whose prices were not 'out of sight' for beginning authors. I remember telling them, 'I would choose a webmaster from a tip top author, look over his/her web pages, and contact that person.' That's what I did and I found Jack Passarella [of AuthorPromo.com]...through one of his [client] author's websites (one of my favorite authors...Nicholas Sparks). It has been such a learning experience and Jack has been there, all the way. His experience is invaluabe to a new author and besides...he's fun to work with! He made the difficult...easy. He treated the ever lurking surprises in any project with calm and a sense of humor. I am looking forward to his further management of the site, and I am proud to call Jack a friend.
—Clydene Brandt, Author


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